AIG protesters should focus their anger on the real culprit: the government

In the past week or so, many Americans have expressed anger over the bonuses taken by AIG executives. Protesters have focused their attention AIG itself, seemingly ignoring the fact that it was Congress which made those bonuses possible by propping up the company with taxpayer dollars. One group upset about the bonuses even went so far as to visit the homes of executives who had recieved bonuses:

About 40 protesters sought to urge AIG executives who received a portion of the $165 million in bonuses to do more to help families. “We think $165 million could be used in a more appropriate way to keep people in their homes, create more jobs and health care,” said Emeline Bravo-Blackport, a gardener.

But here is the question…why are they not turning their anger to the people who gave AIG the money? The government used tax dollars to reward failure, and protesters should direct their anger toward members of the administration and Congress who supported the bailout. In contrast to those who simply attack AIG, the tea party protesters are true patriots, realizing as they do that even though AIG was wrong in handing out bonuses, the government is truly at fault.  This situation provides yet another demonstration of the poor consequences which come of government intervention in the market. Anger is brewing in the American public, but it is now critical that this anger is focused in the right direction.  This is the task of the R3volution.

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