Al Qaeda Offers “Condolences” To Victims

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It’s not every day that your average jihadist apologizes for mass murder. Of course, Adam Gadahn (Azzam the American) was quick to console the vast Muslim innocents lost, not the nonmuslims (since according to him, nonmuslim blood does not equate to Muslim blood):

Adam G

“We express our condolences to the families of the Muslim men, women and children killed in these criminal acts,” he said in the video. “And we ask Allah to have mercy on those killed and accept them as shohadaa (martyrs).

We also express the same in regard to the unintended Muslim victims of the mujahedeen’s operations against the crusaders and their allies and puppets, and to the countless faceless and nameless Muslim victims of the murderous crusades” in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s Waziristan regions and Swat Valley, and elsewhere.”

Gadahn, who is an American citizen is not only a member of the terrorist group but also one of it’s spokepersons is on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list.  I guess this would indicate that Al Qaeda is looking out for racial/ethnic diversity? Maybe the terror group is insinuating that Al Qaeda may after all be ‘tolerant’ of some sort? We can conclude this:  to Al Qaeda anyone who is a Muslim jihadist is tolerable  and anyone who is not is an imperialist infidel.

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