All Roads Lead to Rome


The U.S. Commerce Department is setting up an office intended to help entrepreneurs transform ideas into companies.

What a genius idea!! Why didn’t we think of this before?!  Of course! The GOVERNMENT should help facilitate the materialization of ideas in the marketplace! 

The administration will try to “catalyze breakthrough” technologies so that economic growth won’t be based on speculative bubbles, the White House economic council said in a report the same day.

So you’re saying that the parasitic bureaucracy that leeches on productivity while enabling a Ponzi economy will be the indirect arbiter of societal innovation?  Good plan.

By allowing the administration to “catalyze breakthrough technologies”, we really mean we’ll be allowing this institution filled with power-mongering ego-maniacs to further prop up industry that solidifies the growth of their ever-expanding shadow over free-enterprise while simultaneously tightening the shackles and cutting the legs out from under any entreprenurial endeavors that don’t best contribute to the expansion of their coercive empire.  Progress.

Thank God we’ve decided not to continue building plans for economic growth on speculative bubbles!  Forget the fact that those bubbles are a direct result of interventionist meddling in the marketplace from a centralized economy…   that’s not important as long as we realize that NOW we need to build upon a stronger foundation!  One that won’t falter because it shelters a compliant population from which to continuously steal!  Forget the bubbles!  We’ll build on the cause of the bubbles! We’ll just usurp the fruits of any real productivity to propel developments that aid the special interests of the elected mafia! If this isn’t cause for hope, I don’t know what is.

Locke will describe one example of U.S. failure: U.S. researchers developed breakthroughs in solar technology, “but Japan took the lead in creating solar panels for homes and businesses, and now China has assumed dominance in the industry.”

The ability of the Japanese and Chinese to capitalize on the solar industry surely has nothing to do with that fact that easy-credit without accountability has encouraged an American consumer economy to forgo the need to produce anything for itself.  Instead of questioning the reasons for our lacking productivity and coming to a natural solution, let’s just continue full-steam ahead and ram a scheme for marginal productivity down the taxpayers’ throats.  That’s the change we need.

It will be better this way.  Trust me.  If it weren’t for the government and their Ponzi-economy, everybody would be out backstabbing each other and we’d accomplish nothing because people are bad and a free-market economy doesn’t really serve the interests of universal advancement based on the rational self-interest of the consumer in a competitive environment.  The government, on the other hand, makes us safe, because those people are good, and they can make decisions without too much stress because they have cushy positions that allow them to rest on their laurels in the monopolistic ivory-tower.  Brilliant!

Who needs freedom when you can be subject to an empire?

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