Allegheny College hosts its first event – Incarceration Nation!

Despite a late April snowstorm, a dilapidated home improvement store, and a campus-wide defection of printers, Allegheny College’s first activism event was a success!

Petition signers in the cage!

Incarceration Nation focuses on issues that our chapter is really passionate about, so it was a great way to spread our message on campus. We acquired a giant cage structure from the theater department and set it right in the middle of the quad, which attracted a lot of curiosity and looked awesome!

Joining forces with a police brutality protest

After combining forces with a class protest on police brutality, our members and new-found recruits retreated from the bitter cold into the campus center for tabling and further discussion. Since there were other events going on in the building, we attracted many more students than we had expected. We filled out all our petition cards and got over twenty member sign-ups.

Chapter president Noah McNeill tabling

Later that evening, our chapter meeting featured a showing of John Stossel’s “Illegal Everything,” followed by a discussion on how to reduce the incarceration of non-violent Americans. It was a fun-filled day of meaningful activism and conversation, and we’re excited to continue advancing the message of liberty next year!

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