Alma College’s War on YOUth

Alma College’s first year with YAL has been a good one! We operated our War on YOUth activism on April 14, right around Tax Day! We had some people come by our booth, though not as many as we hoped. The people we did have come by were very interested, which can be attributed to the large banner showing our individual share of the national debt. Many of the students that visited the table were intrigues, and asked a lot of questions.

Price Plunge Participants.

During our Pong off Your Debt, we offered copies of books of Why Liberty? and various other books as prizes for the best throws. It was very popular! We also ordered the “Price Plunge” quiz game, which was a lot of fun to use. Our year at Alma College has been a good one, and we’re excited to start another year!

Learning About Liberty!Ponging off his debt.

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