Alternative Currency at Liberty Forum

New Hampshire’s Liberty Forum, put on by The Free State Project was such an awesome opportunity for YAL at the University of New Hampshire-Manchester. We have gained so much support throughout our community.

One of the hottest topics at Liberty Forum was alternative currency. Shire Silver, a company founded by Ron Helwig, was a hot spot, where you could find Tom Woods and Jeffrey Tucker producing their own Shire Silver cards. He takes various strands of gold and silver of many weights and laminates them in a credit-card size. Instead of carrying around silver coins, the credit-card size makes it convenient and easy to carry and spend.

“Shire Silver cards are commonly accepted all over New Hampshire. But they are in use all over the world. Helwig gets orders from New Zealand, Brazil, and even Japan. Some orders are valued as low as $6, but he receives orders valued at $5,000 too. At the Liberty Forum, he couldn’t keep up with the demand, so he brought his machine to the booth. He even let me make a 1-gram card myself!” –Jeffrey Tucker

Here’s a video of Jeffrey Tucker producing Shire Silver. Jeffrey also wrote an article about his experience with alternative currency at Liberty Forum, Top Alternatives to Paper Money.

Another exciting experience for me was to be able to purchase Bitcoins from the world’s first ever Bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency, which you can send through the internet and transfer directly through person to person without having to go through a bank. Some advantages are lower fees and you can use them in any country. This allows everyone to have access to a global market. As of today, March 5, 2013, according to Bitcoin Profit, one Bitcoin is trading at $40 American dollars and one troy ounce of silver is trading at $29 American dollars.

World's First Bitcoin ATM

This machine is simple and even faster to use than a regular bank ATM.  All you do is deposit some worthless FRNs and scan the QR code through your mobile app (your Bitcoin wallet, I use Blockchain).

Bitcoin ATM creators

In the photo, co-creators and Free Staters, Zach Harvey, Josh Harvey, and Matt Whitlock posing beside their latest Bitcoin invention, the first-ever Bitcoin ATM.

What has the Government done to our money? It’s hard to believe how something we use every day can be such a mystery to us. Money is suppose to be a creation of the free market and not a government invention. It was great to see voluntary exchange using alternative currency throughout the weekend. Liberty Forum was an awesome experience. If you would like to experience “Liberty In Your Lifetime,” check out The Free State Project!

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Jeffrey Tucker

Peace. Love. Liberty. Jeffrey Tucker.

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