Always Be Closing: More Experience in Tabling

Learning how to properly table with limited resources has been an experience. The first two tables for University of Arkansas at Little Rock Young Americans for Liberty were crude and amateur at best. There’s still a way to go before our presentation is as professional as it ought to be.  However, massive improvements were made at today’s table, due in part to some recently received activism materials and some online recruitment instruction. The results were outstanding!

Table One

Previously acquired methods of selling the idea, paired with the incentive of the activities presented, the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and Rags or Riches drew several people over. Whoever did not actually take time to see the table was quickly provided with fliers. Our campus was again made well aware there was a forming group in town. We engaged in plenty of vibrant discussion with interested students.

Table Two

Almost all the pocket Constitutions were taken, as well as most of the magazines and the small flyers. Another eight to ten or more names were taken down and paired with previous efforts, it looks like we may have its first meeting within the upcoming month. Another table or two like this and it’s very possible the University of Arkansas at Little Rock just might have enough interest to get this off the ground actively! Any continued activities could very easily put the group on par with our sister chapters at University of Central Arkansas and Arkansas State. 

Table Three

Bouncing around so much made the photos a bit limited and hardly captures the numbers today.  A variety of individuals from a variety of backgrounds showed interest.

Table Four

This is looking like a very good year for liberty on this campus!

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