America is officially at war in Yemen as ground troops enter the country

Well, not declared war, but you get the idea. has this report from UPI confirming the presence of American ground troops in Yemen:

A group of about 20 U.S. special forces are on the ground in Yemen, helping the government fight insurgents in the south of the country, officials say.

Their work includes using high-tech equipment to help the Yemeni military locate targets, the Los Angeles Times reported. The new president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadid, is reported to be more willing to work with the United States than his predecessor, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who stepped down after months of protests.

“There are ways of checking their homework,” a senior U.S. defense official said. “They’ve been trusted partners.”’s Jason Ditz reminds us that just days ago, the official word was that the United States is not interested in sending in ground troops:

The revelation comes just days after the most recent denial by Leon Panetta, who insisted that there was no consideration of US ground troops inside Yemen. President Obama had likewise ruled out such a move repeatedly.

Though this is the first official acknowledgement of the mission, the Pentagon accidentally confirmed the operation in early March, when it announced that a US “security team,” which was never reported deployed in the first place, had come under attack in Aden.

I am hoping that the likes of Sen. Rand Paul and other antiwar foes in Congress will bring attention to this, but I suspect that this will not garner any attention in the corporate media. Hopefully, with enough noise in the liberty movement, this very important issue will register in people’s radars. And with government debt spinning out-of-control, could we afford yet another illegal and expensive war?

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