American Liberties

On the campus of Purdue Calumet, we have been unable to table with membership too low to be an official organization. We saw an opportunity and were glad to capitalize with students post-election emotions. The best tool for any student’s emotions, whether high or low, is liberty. On October 10, with a free-speech ball and the US Constitution we were able to remind the students that they have liberties that the government does not give to them, only protects. These liberties stated in the US Constitution are natural rights not given by the government. No matter what students may think about the incoming President, they should be reminded that the next President’s power must be limited to the Constitution; the same document that lists their rights.

Several people stopped by to write whatever was on their mind on the ball. We also were able to distribute over thirty pocket constitutions and have many people sign up for our organization. This is event was great success, and YAL at Purdue Calumet looks forward to more big league activism events on campus.

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