American Passion: What is YAL?

Thinking about what to say to my new members that will show up to my next meeting, I started to contemplate a truth, I think if read upon, will spark an undeniable reality. 


You should be allowed to decide what you put into your own body. A patient should be able to receive a consultation from a specialist and thereon decide which treatment to take action towards. We should be allowed to defend ourselves, in any situation deemed necessary with unnecessary actions being judged upon from a jury, set in place by the government

They can have their seatbelt regulations, their school systems, they can build our roads, and provide our hospitals, but they should not interfere with us, and the way we live our lives, the government was suppose to help us build what we needed, and now they are overriding our rights, and our power as the people, and the most important thing about YAL and other organizations like us – I don’t think is only to simply educate us, but I think its to obtain a mass majority of people who believe the government should work for them, I think its to obtain a mass majority of people who are not scared to fight, not scared to question, and who are not scared to seek out justice. Because isn’t that what makes America so great? Isn’t that what makes Americans so great?

Marry who we want, be whatever we want, and say and feel how we want, without having to withstand any consequences. Lets be real, we should basically be able to make our own decisions without the government parenting us, and telling us what is right and what is not without even acknowledging the fact that we all live different lives, that they will never understand or know about.

We have the ability to -and have proven numerous times that we can come together, through all differences and all arguments in a time of need. We love each other, because we all have that American Passion. The government doesn’t love us. The Government doesn’t see us as their Americans, they see us only in light of the dollar signs we bring to them, they only see us as something to control and manipulate, so they can determine the market and continue to to bring in their cash flow.

They only see the power they have, that’s why we need to come together. This isn’t about being politically correct anymore. Its us against them, and they are never going to hear us, and we are never going to get our way again. You might think it may not matter now, but when its too late, you will fill the full reciprocals, and you should be fearful. The more ignorant and oblivious we stay to their kind words, and fancy deals, the more we lie to ourselves, the more we lose our true understanding of what it means to be an American Citizen that our founding fathers hoped we would always get the chance to be.

Spread your liberty, notice when it has been ran upon, and share it. Talk about it. So we can come together to educate the uneducated and bring in the only mass majority that can create a voice in this movement.

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