“American Police Force”

To the surprise of the citizens of Hardin, Montana, SUVs brandishing the logo “City of Hardin Police Department” were seen around the empty $27 million 2-year old prison facility located in the town. This was a surpise because the city of Hardin, population around 3500, has no official police force. A group known as “American Police Force” has bought and been operating out of the prision facility. Now, as citizens begin to ask questions about this mysterious company, they are not receiving answers. Watch this local news report: 

Now, as revelations of the owner of APF, Michael Hilton, who formed the group in March, become known more questions are coming up. Hilton who is know by a reported 17 other aliases has been convicted of fraud, grand theft, and according to a recent AP article has outstanding judgments against him in three civil cases totaling more than $1.1 million. He even has an outstanding arrest warrent from Wyoming. The Montana Attorney General has begun an investigation of the firm citing concerns about the city’s dealings with APF. To read more about the Montana investigation click here.  Click here for a followup local report.
One look at their website should have you wondering who they are advertising to: real people or Hollywood/video game companies. With images of dashing helicopters and fully strapped soldiers, it seems like something out of an intro to a GI Joe cartoon. Then for services they specialize in Military/Police/Special Forces training. To sweeten the pot they include “Fugitive Recovery,”  “Kidnapping & Ransom Services,” and for the US Government, their quoted main contractor, they offer Convoy Protection in battlezones.
According to some sources they do not even have the licenseing to carry out all of these investigative sources, perhaps why the AG of Montana is investigating. Many believe that this group will begin to house Guantanmo Bay detainees in this facility as the Obama Administration struggles to determine what to do with them.  As more and more comes out about this firm, the more ridiculous they become.
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