American University at the 2016 YAL National Convention

American University’s (AU) top activists attended this year’s Young Americans for Liberty National Convention during the last week of July. The experience provided informative engagement with the liberty movement’s greatest contributors and outstanding strategies for campus domination.

These accomplished contributors included keynote speaker Dr. Ron Paul, Rep. Justin Amash, Penn Jillette, and Judge Andrew Napolitano, each of whom instilled convention attendees with life lessons of spreading liberty. 

       Dr. Paul continued his revolution by addressing the importance of liberty in young lives. Rep. Amash discussed his successes and struggles defending the Constitution in Congress. Penn Jillette recalled his transition from Marxist to libertarian thought by posing himself the question: “What would I use a gun to accomplish?”  Judge Napolitano spoke on the shameful tendency of power to corrupt in context of the constitution’s original meaning. DC State Chair and AU chapter member John Nagle had the privilege of introducing the Judge.

Other feature events donned policy focuses, such as a criminal justice reform panel with former inmate Weldon Angelos.

When they weren’t learning from libertarian heroes, AU’s members spent the mornings and afternoons soaking in advice from YAL Staff and professionals. National Field Director Ty Hicks shared the ultimate strategies for campus recruitment, event turnout, and earned media. Regional Director Lydia Schwertfeger assisted AU in developing future events. AU’s Events Director, Chase Falcon, and Outreach Director, Annamarie Rienzi, brainstormed partner organizations and tabling tactics for each nascent event. Political communications veteran Mike Rothfeld disseminated key strategies from the nation’s best liberty campaigns. A Campus Reform representative displayed effective methods for exposing liberal bias at universities.

Between strategy sessions, students spent time with YAL’s generous sponsors and other prominent figures in the liberty movement. Chapter President Andrew Magloughlin and member Matt Adams attended an anti-cronyism panel led by the Charles Koch Institute. At the event, Andrew networked with an attorney from his potential future employer, the Institute for Justice, and later, an associate from the CATO Institute. Members Annamarie Rienzi and Gabby Chishinski listened to activist Julie Borowski’s recommendations for effectively promoting libertarian ideas.

To top off the convention, YAL honored American University with the “Best Chapter” award for the Southeast region. AU members left the convention prepared for an even better year.

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