American University at the New Jersey State Convention

The American University YAL chapter headed up to New Jersey to attend our first state convention. We had nine liberty warriors in attendance. After the three hour long car ride, we were eager to learn more about YAL and ways to spread liberty on our campus. 
DC YALers at NJ State Convention
Soon the conference itself began and Northeast Regional Director, Garett Roush, was kicking off the convention. Over the course of the afternoon he told us the tips and tricks that are necessary to run a successful YAL chapter. Two of the most important take aways that the American University chapter came away with was the importance of the direct ask and how vital the  follow up is. Particularly effective from Garett’s session was the partner exercises that allowed attendees to sharpen their skills in getting the sign up. His session was a great summary of what it takes to run a successful YAL chapter. 
After the training part of the program was completed, it was time to hear from the speakers. First was a representative from FIRE who discussed the ways that we must fight for free speech on campus. Next was David Boaz of the Cato Institute who reminded us that, in many ways, the world is becoming more libertarian. Finally the conference ended with the father of the movement himself, Ron Paul! Dr. Paul spoke about a wide range of issues and how we can advance towards a better and more free future.

The American University chapter of YAL was greatly benefited from this trip up to New Jersey. I’m confident it will energize our members and lead to renewed growth in the chapter. Doubtlessly, this was a great weekend of liberty!
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