American University Crushes Campus Recruitment

On September 8th, American University’s YAL leaders recruited the next generation of liberty lovers at the school’s involvement fair. Chapter President Andrew Magloughlin and Outreach Director Annamarie Rienzi stood in the sweltering sun and pitched the principles of peace and prosperity through limited government to freshmen students. Our chapter raked in a gargantuan 129 signups using the skills we learned at the 2016 YAL National Convention.

And it was quite simple. We collected those signups with nothing more than a table cloth, a YAL banner, a cluster of pocket Constitutions, YAL’s political quiz, a clip board, a laptop, and a few inviting smiles. Magloughlin and Rienzi engaged students with simple catches: “do you like the Constitution?” Immediately, we urged students to take YAL’s political quiz. This piques the interest of all types of students, even those who otherwise may not identify with libertarianism. If students landed in the libertarian realm, we handed them a pocket constitution, provided them with info on our first meeting, and added in some small talk. When a student yielded a different-than-libertarian result, we found issues where we may have common ground, and invited them to our meetings regardless.

Meanwhile, in the background, a laptop played YAL’s newest recruitment video on loop. When the involvement fair’s traffic died down, the message of liberty was always booming through the video. This attracted pedestrian students to at least glance at our table. The competitive advantage was awesome: among a cluster of campus organizations, students visited our table first since we had the most noise!

American University YAL will host its first meeting on Tuesday, September 13th. Our guest speaker, the Leadership Institute’s Alex Witoslawski, will speak about political correctness and free speech on campus. Chapter President Andrew Magloughlin will identify semester goals and display the benefits of joining YAL. 

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