American University Discusses School Choice

On October 6th, American University’s YAL Chapter held a discussion on the public education system and how school choice policies might improve it.

Dedicated member Harry Kazenoff gave a presentation describing existing problems in public education, many of which stem from protectionist teacher unions. One egregious example is the “rubber room” policy. Rubber rooms are union-sponsored reassignment facilities where public schools send teachers accused with misconduct. These teachers will work and receive full pay in rubber rooms until they’re properly investigated or tried. Thanks to unions, teachers accused of violent conduct cannot be temporarily suspended from the workplace until granted due process. It’s not uncommon that teachers sent to rubber rooms are guilty of violence or sexual assault, and the reassignment facilities further expose helpless students to these disgusting individuals.

Kazenoff’s proposed solutions included expanding charter schools, Educational Savings Accounts, and tax credit programs to allow for more personal freedom, innovation, and reduced costs in education.

After the presentation, members engaged in lively discussion, focusing on teacher turnover rates at charter schools and the origins of the American public education system as put in place by Horace Mann.

Ryan Michie of Americans for Prosperity also made attendees aware of opportunities, including a liberty bowling social and phone bank on the next Saturday.

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