American University does GOTV with AFP!

On September 21, American University’s YAL chapter made a bold step to work along with Americans for Prosperity (AFP) in a get-out-to-vote campaign in order to see the push for liberty in practice. Gathered in a large room so that everyone can spread around, our chapter was able to bring 14 members together with the deep desire to make a difference! Nearly half of the members were freshmen, new to YAL but deeply driven to make a change. Most only had a vague knowledge of AFP, but they were excited to have the opportunity to make a difference the Virginia governor’s race.

As members arrived, our e-board was able to greet them and catch up with our freshmen members to see how they were doing since last seeing them the prior week. AFP was able to bring a large catering order of Chick-fil-a for everyone as we were getting acquainted with the phoning system and what AFP is all about. The chapters’ Chief of Staff, Harry Kazenoff, thanked everyone for coming and introduced everyone to Tyler, our AFP contact. After discussing our past events the chapter had with AFP to get-out-the-vote, Tyler introduced himself and discussed in what ways we would be helping promote the ideas of liberty in the election.

YAL Members Making Calls

When we were complete with our calling and getting acquainted, Tyler provided amazon gift cards for those who received difficult calls, adhering to the principle that every member who volunteers their time should leave feeling great! Our chapter President, Matthew Adams, thanked everyone for coming and reminded everyone to come to our next event the upcoming Tuesday to see KrisAnne Hall talk about the history of our constitution!

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