American University Presents KrisAnne Hall!

On September 26, American University’s YAL chapter hosted the highly esteemed Tea Party activist and educator KrisAnne Hall! A longtime liberty advocate, she came to our University to teach our members about the history of our Nation’s constitution, aspects many of our members never were able to hear before. With a speedy drive to promote this educational opportunity, we were able to provide this invaluable opportunity to 20 of our dedicated members!

Sam Romano Introduces

When all our members were comfortably seated, our chapter’s’ Vice President Sam Romano introduced our speaker to the audience. With clarity and conviction, she provided information on our speaker as well as getting everyone excited to hear about the origins to our legal freedoms from the government. That was when KrisAnne Hall took the front, with a PowerPoint presentation just behind her with the introduction, “The Roots of Liberty.”

KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne Hall spoke passionately and directly about what made our constitution not special, but a calculated consequence of generations of legal precedent to preserve individual liberty in the face of absolute tyranny. Dating back to the reign of ancient English Kings, there has been a long struggle between the King’s desire for absolute rule, and the people’s desire for basic freedoms. The language used in legal documents dating back centuries before Europeans even discovered the new world! Our audience listened intently as she showed why each provision was added, how each right was a struggle to protect from the government, and how these struggles can still be seen today!

KrisAnne Hall with Audience

When she was finished with her lecture, she offered dvd’s that had her lectures, and she proceeded to explain the value of her lessons. Much of what was discussed is not taught in public education, and its information that refutes the liberal narrative of the constitution being a “political experiment” with no forethought into why certain provisions exist. As members left with the new knowledge they have received, our chapter’s outreach director Paige Lambermont thanked everyone for coming and invited everyone to meet again Thursday October 5th to begin an official Get-Out-The-Vote drive for the Virginia Governor’s race!

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