American University Presents Stephen Rowe!

On October 24th, American University’s YAL chapter hosted Stephen Rowe from the Leadership Institute to teach our members about what it takes to promote yourself on social media. By offering this exclusive opportunity to our members, our chapter was able to bring in 25 members! After grabbing slices of pizza and cups of soda, our freedom focused members filled in the front of the room just as Stephen Rowe came in and set up his presentation. He was introduced by our Outreach Director, Paige Lambermont, before giving the floor to Mr. Rowe. With a cutout of Ron Paul to his left, and a Young Americans for Liberty to his right, he started the presentation, Building a Social Media Brand.

During the presentation, Stephen Rowe relaxed the audience by discussing his own experience on social media, as well as his own likes and dislikes. He had a clear view of what consummated a good social media profile and took the time to go over working with Facebook versus Twitter. Mr. Rowe contrasted the larger but more spacious Facebook posts, in contrast to the quick and rapid fire tweets. The audience listened intently as they were told about the importance of social media as a way to reach out to new people, as well as gaining name-recognition.

By the conclusion of his discussion, he received a thorough applause as members got up and talked to him about their specific questions. Our e-board offered the remainder of the pizza and soda as members decided to stay catch up with each other. Sam Romano, the chapter vice-president, thanked everyone for taking the time to listen, and encouraged everyone to come again Tuesday, November 7, in order to tune in to the Restore the 4th Livestream with Justin Amash!


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