American University Screens Team America!

On March 7th, American University’s YAL chapter screened the 2004 action comedy movie, ‘Team America: World Police’, created by the makers of ‘South Park’ Matt Stone and Trey Parker. With financial support from the libertarian advocacy group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) our YAL chapter was able to bring in pizzas and soda for the screening. We were able to fill the room with YAL members, with around 25 people attending!

Harry Kazenoff, American University’s YAL Executive Director and American’s for Prosperity volunteer started the event by speaking on behalf of American’s for Prosperity. After an extensive overview of the many achievements AFP has accomplished with the help of our YAL chapter members, we passed around a signup sheet for anyone new members interested in getting more information or to get involved with their many programs. Harry concluded his talking points by reemphasizing the opportunities AFP presents and the policy achievements we could accomplish by working together.

Afterwards our chapter President Matthew Adams played the movie. The film, like the Comedy Central sitcom, used crudeness and heavy sarcasm to criticize both sides of the conventional left and right political spectrum. ‘Team America: World Police’ utilizes the plot of a cliché 80s action movie played by puppets to satirize the Bush-doctrine’s aggressive foreign policy along with liberal Hollywood’s condescending disregard of legitimate dangers. The movie humorously combines the macho Team America that blows up landmarks with their red white and blue rockets played against the bond-villain depiction of North Korean former dictator Kin Jung Ill and his assortment of liberal Hollywood actors known as the ‘Film Actors Guild’.  The films ultimate message that while the United States military in all its jingoistic glory can sometimes overstep its boundaries, it’s sometimes needed to solve serious problems that would otherwise cause serious harm; and it’s up to the American people to make a reasonable judgement as to how much we as a nation ought to use our military might.

After the film, we reminded the members to come back on March 28th to hear from our next speaker, Executive Director of Young Americans for Liberty, Cliff Maloney Jr!

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