American University YAL Closes Semester with South Park

On December 6th, American University‘s YAL Chapter ended the semester by watching South Park. Club members enjoyed hit episodes “Margaritaville” and “Medicinal Fried Chicken” while munching on pizza provided by Americans for Prosperity.

Chapter President Andrew Magloughlin and other club leaders wanted to reward dedicated members with a light and humorous social. Magloughlin summed up his time leading AU YAL: “I’m proud of our accomplishments this semester. We expanded our influence by hosting a medley of educational events, many with over 40 attendees.” AU YAL meeting attendance for fall 2016 exceeded previous semesters by averaging 35 attendees per event.

Much of this success came from the diligent recruitment efforts of both Chapter President Magloughlin and Outreach Director Annamarie Rienzi. As you previously read, AU YAL crushed campus recruitment by corralling a massive 129 signups.

In fact, Outreach Director Rienzi performed so extraordinarily well that she was recently promoted to District of Columbia State Chair. Upon promotion, Rienzi claimed: “I’m excited for an even bigger semester. AU YAL will continue to set the pace for Washington, and I can’t wait to elevate other chapters to similar success.”

This comes at the resignation of longtime DC State Chair John Nagle, another AU student and former AU YAL Chapter President.  “We have a strong tradition of preparing the next generation of liberty leaders here at AU,” Nagle said.

Unfortunately, Chapter President Magloughlin also submitted his resignation, turning over the vaunted reigns of AU YAL to sophomore Matthew Adams. “My job is to keep the show going on. The winning won’t stop here at AU. Our enormous average attendance will continue to climb under my leadership,” said new Chapter President Adams.

Magloughlin will study abroad in Canada during the spring semester and return to AU YAL as chairman emeritus next fall. He wishes all of his friends at AU, in Washington, and the great people of YAL National the best as they continue to fight for liberty.

When asked if he had any final words as Chapter President, Magloughlin is rumored to have said: “What does recruitment look like in Ontario?”

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