American University YAL Discusses Free Trade

This past Thursday, AU Young Americans for Liberty had the privilege of hosting not one, but two special guests. Our first guest, AU graduate student Mike Shvartsman, gave a brief presentation on the benefits of free trade and the consequences of regulation.

During his presentation, Shvartsman walked the audience through a general overview of the history, elements, and theoretical foundations of free trade. The audience got a quick lesson on the purpose of tariffs, subsidies, and protectionist policies. For the more mathematically-inclined in the audience, Shvartsman included graphs to show the comparative and absolute advantages of countries in certain markets. Shvartsman even included data comparing the trade policy voting records of senators Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders. Shvartsman ended with a few discussion questions regarding executive authority over free trade deals, corporate subsidies, and the best trade policies for the United States; needless to say, the audience had much to discuss.


After Mike’s talk, John D’Ambroso from the Charles Koch Institute talked to the AU YAL members about the amazing opportunities available at CKI. John spoke about his own experience as a Koch intern and how YAL members can get involved in the program.

After the meeting, many in the audience stuck around to discuss the benefits of trade amongst themselves, enjoy light refreshments, and speak with John about CKI internship in greater detail.

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