American University YAL Hosts Comedian Karith Foster

On Thursday, November 17th, the American University YAL chapter gathered for a night of comedy and discussion with Karith Foster and her Stereotyped 101 program, mainly focusing on diversity issues. Karith Foster is a YAL favorite, as she spoke at past YAL events, such as the 2016 national convention, and featured in the film “Can We Take a Joke?” screened by YAL chapters last spring.

Our discussion focused on Mrs. Foster’s career and childhood experiences as a black woman. Stereotyped 101 shows that labeling or “placing people in a box” based on their skin color is a destructive practice. She emphasizes the importance of engaging with people who both look and think differently from you. And of course, her jokes were downright hilarious.

After her presentation, Mrs. Foster discussed issues of intolerance following the presidential election. She asked students questions about the existing campus culture and how students of color, liberals, and conservatives acted alike. We shared with her recent campus events involving race or religion based discrimination and distaste for conservative opinion.

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