American University YAL hosts its first meeting of the year

 A great turn out for AU YAL's first meeting of the year

This past Thursday, AU Young Americans for Liberty held its first general meeting in American University’s School of International Service. Thirty-five liberty-lovers showed up to learn about YAL and how to get involved. To kick off the event, our President, John Nagle gave a brief introduction to the club’s purpose, goals, and E-board.

We were excited to announce some of their planned events, including a formal debate and a variety of pro-liberty tabling activities. Our President, John Nagle followed with a quick presentation on liberty and some of its most noteworthy contributors, including US President Thomas Jefferson and economist Milton Friedman.

Towards the end of the meeting, John opened up a discussion for the audience asking them, “What freedoms do you value most?”  Some cited a right to privacy as their most valued freedom, while others claimed free speech and the right to bear arms. Needless to say, our first meeting composed of individuals from across the political spectrum.

Our Chapter President closed with a quick reminder about AU YAL’s next meeting, which will be hosted by Treasurer Dan Savickas on the issue of gun control. After the meeting, we had a small social for attendees to discuss amongst themselves and with AU YAL’s E-board what liberty really means to them. For our first meeting of the new academic year, AU YAL was successful in proving that liberty is alive and well on American University’s campus. It will be very exciting to see what AU YAL has planned!

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