American University YAL spearheads Incarceration Nation

The American University chapter of YAL spearheaded a new and exciting activism event today:  Incarceration Nation. In this event, we spread awareness about America’s over-criminalization epidemic and the desperate need for criminal justice reform.

YAL activists at American University Participate in New Activism Event, Incarceration Nation

We approached American University students and asked them a simple, yet provocative question: “are you a criminal?” Many were surprised to find out that they have broken one, if not several, federal laws. This served to show how arbitrary and unjust the federal government’s selective enforcement of various laws really is. Because of rampant federal regulation Americans are unable to peacefully live their lives without intentionally, or unintentionally, violating laws.

After signing a petition to voice their support for criminal justice reform, many students were willing to take a picture in our makeshift jail to show where they would have wound up if every single federal law were to be fully enforced (a frightening prospect).

AU Students shows her support for Criminal Justice Reform

This event was a smashing success and demonstrated how supportive young people are of ending the injustice of over-criminalization and the need for reform.

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