Americans Helped Gaddafi Cling to Power

All the while NATO was bombing Libya and killing civilians, former American diplomat David Welch was helping Muammar Gaddafi cling to power:

[Al Jazeera] found what appeared to be the minutes of a meeting between senior Libyan officials – Abubakr Alzleitny and Mohammed Ahmed Ismail – and David Welch, former assistant secretary of state under George W Bush. Welch was the man who brokered the deal to restore diplomatic relations between the US and Libya in 2008….

During that meeting Welch advised Gaddafi’s team on how to win the propaganda war, suggesting several “confidence-building measures”, according to the documents. The documents appear to indicate that an influential US political personality was advising Gaddafi on how to beat the US and NATO.

Though Welch is now a private citizen, his State Department history is interesting, to say the least, as he was found to be working actively behind the scenes to prop up Gaddafi as American bombs were liberating Libyans one dead body at a time.

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