An Amazing Year for Liberty at Ursinus College

At a small liberal arts school in Collegeville, PA — liberty is thriving!

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With a student population of only 1,600 students, the YAL chapter at Ursinus has built a member list of 160 students! Our email list is huge — it makes up 10 percent of the student body.

We were able to reach that mark by having a large group of dedicated members that love doing activism. These members helped make it possible for the UC YAL chapter to do two free speech walls, incarceration nation, a civil liberties graveyard, two recruitment drives, and a Constitution Day event. On top of all of that we were able to have ten members go to the New Jersey State convention.

Some may ask, how does Ursinus have such a strong YAL chapter? I believe it is because we have weekly discussions on an assortment of topics and issues affecting us today.  The members in the group love coming to these discussions. We start these discussions off usually with a quick video about the topic and that jump into discussion.

We average about 15-20 people at each discussion. This has created a group of passionate students looking to learn more about the philosophy of liberty and spreading it.

We have had so many dedicated members that we created five new officer positions, two recruitment directors, two public relations directors, and a social media coordinator.  We now have nine officers, who all help make Ursinus a rockstar chapter.  

We plan to have a couple of members represent Ursinus at the National convention this summer.  We look forward to keeping the momentum going next year!  

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