An American Gulag? And It’s Not the YAL Kind

Guantanamo Bay is once again causing a world of controversy for — you guessed it — inhumane treatment of its prisoners. The “military detention camp” is really just a place for US leaders to circumvent the US legal system and the Constitution, all in the name of wartime procedures. An illegal invention of Bush-era lawyers, the “detention camp” remains open despite promises by the current president to have closed it. 

A new report by the Seton Hall University Law School reveals crime reminiscent of Soviet Gulags. What is even more unfortunate is that people are willing to defend this trash as: 

a clean, modern facility that employs humane detention practices to prevent enemy combatants from causing harm in the future and that utilizes fair trial procedures that exceed standards accepted in comparable international tribunals to adjudicate the guilt or innocence of enemy combatants alleged to have committed punishable offenses in the past.

I’m curious if such defenders would still be willing to stand by this after the report by SHU that dismisses the camp of any credibility it may have left. Says the report:

On the night of June 9, 2006, three detainees died in a maximum security section of the Guantánamo Bay Detention facility. The military‘s initial press releases reported not only that the detainees were found hanging in their cells but also that their actions were  a conspiracy as part of “asymmetrical warfare” against the United States. At the same time, the military ordered all media off the island and prevented all lawyers from visiting their clients.

What is even more disturbing than the cover up is the manner in which they died:

There is no explanation of how each of the detainees, much less all three, could have done the following: braided a noose by tearing up his sheets and/or clothing, made a mannequin of himself so it would appear to the guards he was asleep in his cell, hung sheets to block vision into the cell—a violation of Standard Operating Procedures, tied his feet together, tied his hands together, hung the noose from the metal mesh of the cell wall and/or ceiling, climbed up on to the sink, put the noose around his neck and released his weight to result in death by strangulation, hanged until dead and hung for at least two hours completely unnoticed by guards.

Is America really coming to this? Military guards planning vicious schemes to kill inmates? Since when is this acceptable? And why is hardly anyone noticing this?

If America wants to stop from becoming the next Soviet Russia with their network of Gulags, it is imperative that Guantanamo Bay is shut down. Immediately.

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