“An Appeal to the American People”

From some members of the Young Americans for Liberty at Indiana University:

Here’s the script to make your own:

“An appeal to the American public: Wednesday, November 24th marks the day that Americans all across the country will stand up together to protest a government that no longer represents their best interests. Over the past year the government has instituted policies at our nation’s airports that sacrifice our rights, our liberty and our dignity in the name of “national security,” and the American people, in the tradition of our nation’s founders, are ready to say enough is enough. On Wednesday Americans will say “no” to a government that has claimed the right to sexually assault its citizens. They will say “no” to a government that is willing to sacrifice its citizen’s natural liberty for an unattainable degree of safety. And they will say “no” to a government who in claiming to fight a war abroad to secure our rights violates those very rights at home. On Wednesday Americans will choose to “opt out” of our government’s intrusive body scanners to instead opt for its no less intrusive rub down. Do not be mistaken, to opt out is not to represent an approval of the latter, but instead to demonstrate a disapproval of the system as a whole. The lines may be longer, the wait more frustrating, our patience stretched thinner, but these inconveniences are a small price to pay in the defense of our liberty. Join us Wednesday as Americans all across the country protest this infringement of our fourth amendment rights and stand up in an act of civil disobedience to defend our natural rights.”

Print flyers here for the big day.

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