An extended breakdown of FSU College Libertarians activity

A summary breakdown of the most significant event programming (this is not comprehensive) for College Libertarians at Florida State University is as follows. 

Note: FSU and Tallahassee Community College traditionally hold meetings/events together so most of the events on this schedule apply to YAL at TCC.


– 01/07: Tallahassee Liberty on the Rocks Meeting 1: Upcoming Trump
– 01/12: Student pres. on “Varieties of Libertarianism”
– 01/19: Student pres. on “Free Market Healthcare Solutions”
– 01/21: Tallahassee Liberty on the Rocks Meeting 2: Paul Stanton (LP)
– 01/26: Student pres. on “The Growth of the State in Ancient Persia”

January began with a Liberty on the Rocks meeting, an auxiliary affiliation that our group holds from the Denver-based national organization [of the same name] where we traditionally convene with Libertarians outside the student movement like local residents and LP leaders to discuss issues pertinent to our community. We had three student presentations on primarily academic topics and hosted a non-politically charged discussion on the inner mechanics of third party operation with former LP senatorial candidate Paul Stanton.


– 02/02: Speaker: US Military Expenditures, Dr. Ben Friedman (Cato)
– 02/04: Activism: Protest march against refugee ban executive order
– 02/06: Carry on Campus legislative education session (CH: CCFSU)
– 02/07: Victims of Communism film screening (CH: CRs)
– 02/09: Speaker: US Immigration Policy, Dr. Don Boudreaux (GMU)
– 02/10: IHS Seminar: Tuskegee Experiment & Health of Black Men (FSU)
– 02/15: Activism: Free speech ball/zone event (CH: Turning Point)
– 02/16: Liberty Bus Departure for ISFLC from Gainesville
– 02/17 – 02/19: International Students for Liberty Conference<3
– 02/23: Surviving an Active Shooter (Southeast Defense Training)
– 02/24: Creating Sanctuary Spaces (Tallahassee Time Bank)
– 02/27: Tallahassee Liberty on the Rocks Meeting 3: LP Leon County

February was busy. We hosted two speakers, one from Cato and the other from George Mason University. We had two activism events, one for open borders and the other for free speech. Our students attended the International Students for Liberty Conference, a Time Bank convention, and IHS Seminar, and film screening event co-hosted with the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. There were two Liberty on the Rocks meetings. We also worked with Carry on Campus, a guns rights advocacy student group, to promote discussion on the upcoming legislative session.


– 03/02: Student pres. on “Libertarianism in the Social Sciences”
– 03/03: Project on Accountable Justice: Criminal Justice Reform
– 03/04 – 03/05: Tallahassee Youth Leadership School (Leadership Inst.)
– 03/09: Student pres. on “The Surveillance State”
– 03/20: Tallahassee Liberty on the Rocks Meeting 4 – LP Leon County
– 03/23: Student pres. on “The Emergence of Ideologies”
– 03/24 – 03/26: Rothbard Woodser – Ancampistan Camping Trip
– 03/27: Tallahassee Day of Action (Americans for Prosperity)
– 03/30: Speaker: Dan Johnson (Tax Revolution Institute)

March up to this point (03/20) has been busy, like February. Our students attended a Youth Leadership School and a Koch seminar on criminal justice reform. We had two student presentations that were primarily academic.

For the rest of the month, we have a day of Action with Americans for prosperity, we’re hosting a speaker from the Tax Revolution Institute (taxation is theft), and we’re hosting a camping leadership forum for leaders in the state of Florida for which there should be students from at least 7 universities in attendance. We also have a phone banking event scheduled with Americans for Prosperity.


– 04/01 – 04/02: IHS Seminar: “Social Justice & Fairness” (Troy Uni.)
– 04/06: Heatland: Debate on Free Market Environmentalism (CH: CPs)
– 04/08: Tallahassee Liberty on the Rocks Meeting 5: YALCon Planning
– 04/13: Speaker: Int. Affairs, Dr. Christopher Coyne (GMU)
– 04/14 – 04/15: IHS Seminar: “Intro to Classical Liberalism” (FSU)
– 04/20: Speaker: Drug War, Dr. Randall Holcombe (DMC)
– 04/22: Young Americans for Liberty Atlanta Spring Summit

In April, our students will be attending two IHS seminars and a YAL Summit. We’re co-hosting a debate with College Progressives on Fracking and we’ll be debating on the side of free-market environmentalism. We have two speakers, one from George Mason University and the other, a professor at our university who publishes through the DeVoe Moore Center think tank. We’ll also be hosting a Liberty on the Rocks meeting.

We will be active during the summer. A post related to that should be up by mid-April. 

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