An Interesting Approach at Humboldt State University

Our first recruitment went very well for our chapter this semester at the club fair. Our chapter at Humboldt State had an interesting idea for the first recruitment event, and we chose our focus to be tax plans since that was an important topic in the news that week. We made up a poster board, and put the tax plans of Trump, Sanders, and Rand Paul but with a twist, we switched the tax points of Trump’s and Sander’s to see if anybody would notice. Of course being a college campus most students have this odd infatuation with Bernie and seem to support everything he says or does, and this is what we wanted to examine with our little switch-up.

 Just as expected, most students we asked saw Bernie’s name and instantly put their sticker in support. Some even read the points (That were actually from Trump’s plan) and asked questions to clarify, but still put their sticker for Bernie’s plan anyways. Sadly, but as expected, Trump’s plan only got one vote, but unfortunately that was from a student who wanted to give each of the plans a star. What surprised us was the amount of support we found for Rand Paul’s plan, which gives us much hope for liberty in the future at HSU.

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