An Interesting Perspective on Pakistani-American Relations

Nathan Fox-Helser, who is both a member of Wake Forest Young Americans for Liberty and a new author at the left-libertarian blog Rethinking the State, wrote a paper on American foreign policy in Pakistan for a political science class he took this semester.  I’ve been working on building the Wake Forest YAL Wiki recently as a tool to be used by future chapters, and I got Nathan to send me the paper, which I converted into a wiki article.  The paper contains an interesting analysis of the past and current situation in Pakistan, as well as several conclusions that are reached based on this analysis.  Nathan’s thesis statement is as follows:

Understanding the causes of these discontinuities in interest and conflicts in views demonstrates that America needs to act skeptically, think innovatively, remember the costs of policies and deflate its policy, and, all the while, avoid international abandonment.

After his analysis, he reaches several conclusions, on each of which he elaborates:

A. Be Cautious of Pakistan’s problems

B. Have an open mind — Traditional models don’t necessarily apply to terrorism

C. Policy has its costs

D. American policy is over-expanded and unsustainable

E. Avoid international abandonment

The paper makes for a good read.  Check out the whole thing here.

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