An Obama Victory? For Now…

Election Night 2008. While most of us were hiding or sleeping, an enormous, unruly crowd gathered in Red Square (Coincidence?) to celebrate an Obama victory:

Ah, good old Seattle. We can always trust its residents to rally behind democrats and the promise of more taxes. At the University of Washington, we face the massive next generation of liberal, bloated government crusaders who, for many years, had no one challenging them besides the slowly shrinking College Republicans and their predominantly neoconservative supporters. All of that is about to change come January 20.

The time is now for Young Americans for Liberty. By hitting campus hot spots, passing out flyers and pocket constitutions, writing, hanging posters anywhere allowed and redirecting the focus from the parties to the issues, we hope to turn the mob from a mantra of “change” to a call for liberty.

We’re fighting an uphill battle, but it’s a battle worth fighting. After all, a little r3volution never hurt anyone, right?

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