“And God help us if he is right — again.”

A Human Events interview with Gerald Celente, the President the Trends Research Institute posted on LewRockwell.com reports his dire predictions for our near economic and national future. A well-known forecaster, Celente has been following about 300 trends — for example, “family, crime, war, education, consumer & business patterns” — for upwards of thirty years, and is currently calling for ever more serious financial troubles in 2011:

Mr. Celente’s forecast on our impending future is based on his study of history.  He says we are bent on destroying our currency, bankrupting our government, and unleashing a violent citizen-against-citizen eruption as the economy collapses into chaos and marshal law fascism…

“The US is becoming a shadow of what it used to be.  Take education for example.  The OECD group of developed countries ranks quality of life, education, health care of its member nations.  The US is now falling down the table as one piece of data after another shows America is in decline.  We’re no longer Win, Place or Show in quality of life, education, longevity… all the essentials where we used to be #1.  And our economic underpinnings are failing.”

Mr. Celente puts part of the blame squarely on the federal government, and especially FED Chairman Bernanke and Treasury Secretary  Geithner, and warns us not to believe a word they say.  “They’re the same people who didn’t see it coming – are now telling us the worst is over, that ‘green shoots are spouting upwards’.   But they were wrong before.  They’re wrong on this too”.

“When you pump out tons of money manure into this system based on nothing – printing press paper, it’s like giving a patient with a chronic disease a pain killer — it won’t cure the patient.”

“But let’s go beyond the economics.  Our whole Constitution has been abrogated.  The president simply writes an Executive Order to do whatever he wants.  Nationalize the banks, take over the insurance industry, automobile industry, health care industry…None of it is constitutional.”

Celente has (almost regrettably, in this case) been right before, and he may well be right again. He attributes the basis of the decline which he sees accelerating to a fundamental devastation of American morals, a change which has led to our pursuance as a culture of the “lowest common denominator” in just about every aspect of life. Perhaps one of the few bright spots in Celente’s ideas on the future is his prediction of secessions of states which would “rival the breakup of the Soviet Union.” If he is right in his other statements, of course, this may well be too little too late, but perhaps it is at least a possibility for hope.

Read the rest of his interview here.

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