And the results are…?

As the new year creeps towards us at what seems is an ever increasing rate, the year in review lists abound. These lists discuss what was the best movie, the coolest video game, or the best fashion of 2009 will make their way through the media, but I doubt however that we will hear much about this list:  Judicial Watch has released its  list of the most corrupt politicans of 2009.

Drum roll please…and the winner is Sen. Chris Dodd from Connecticut. Continuing his streak from the 2008 Countrywide Loan scandal, Dodd illegally filed on his Senate Finanical Disclosure forms for a property in Ireland, under-reporting its actual value. To add a cherry on top, he obtained the property as part of deal in which he secured a presidential pardon for a long time business associate. The forms were part of Dodd’s attempt to cover up his involvement and the kickback for helping out a buddy.

He beats out Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, and even Obama. Congratulations Sen. Dodd — it must take alot of hard work for you keep up this pattern of corruption. I look forward to see what you have waiting for 2010.

The 2009  list is almost completely filled by Democrats, with only one of the ten places occupied by a Republican ( Sen. Ensign, R-NV) . This is a bit of a change from 2008 where the split was 6 Democrats to 4 Republicans. They did promise “change,” didn’t they? However I wouldn’t  look at this as a surprise. Who wants to bribe a party out of power? Seems like a waste of money when you have others in power who are more than willing to take your kickbacks.

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