And the Year has Kicked-Off at Emory

At the end of August, Emory YAL kicked off the school year with our recruitment drive during the Fall Activities Fair. Due to rain, the University moved the fair from the 24th to 31st. Given the delay, we ran a double-header, with smaller scale tabling during the day, while making our presence at the fall activity fair in the evening.

Our purpose was simple. We wanted to see what types of liberty people value by giving them the world’s shortest political quiz. Although Emory is not considered by many to be a very liberty friendly environment, people generally were liberty-conscious on at least one dimension. While some were not surprised with their results, others found the outcomes to be not what they expected. Needless to say, quite a few learned a things or two about themselves as a result.

Altogether, we collected 52 new signups, including some upperclassmen. Although it made for a promising start, recruitment is rolling and will continue with any event or project we do. With the Deep Web event coming up around the corner, we look forward to some great activities with some new faces this semester and year.

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