Angelo State YAL Chapter — Gaining Momentum

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Angelo State University kicked off our activism a little over a month ago by setting up a general informational table at the university center on campus.  This tabling event drew in several students who showed great interest in our organization.  Interested students were given political quizzes and informed of where they line up on the political spectrum.  Many were surprised to find out that their answers lined up with our principles.  

First Table Event

We distributed goody bags that contained candy, more information on YAL, and pocket constitutions.  During this first tabling event, we informed students about our first general meeting that we scheduled for the following week.  We provided pizza and drinks at the first general meeting. 

Flyer for our First General Meeting

We had a turnout of about 12 students at this first meeting.  We kicked off the meeting by handing out political quizzes and informing everyone about the purpose and goals of our new student organization.  We showed three videos at this meeting—First we showed the “I Pledge” video, after that we played the first part of “Is This Really America?” and then we tried to lighten the mood a little by showing Doug Stanhope’s “On Liberty.”  

After the videos, we discussed our plans for the semester and asked for input from the newcomers.  Most of the newcomers explained how they were really concerned Drone warfare and the national debt. 

for our Free Markets activism event, we decided to utilize the “Rags or Riches” kit along with the “Corporate Welfare” materials.  Our interactive booth was very helpful in drawing students to our table. 

Economic Freedom Table Set-up

A group of students showing interest in our economic freedom chart

Students who participated were surprised at what countries had the most economic freedom. After students were shown the correct order, we explained to them the correlation between economic freedom and prosperity.  Students who participated were also given political quizzes and all of their results lined up with our organization’s principles. 

Daniel Bledsoe helping students

A student trying to decide what order to put the countries in.

Those who participated were given goody bags filled with Pay-Days, 100 Grands, and gold coin-shaped bubble gum.  We were able to get 8 students to sign up, a few of which were interested in attending our weekly officer meetings. We also distributed several copies of Atlas Shrugged and Economic Harmonies by Bastiat at both of these table events. 

Many students have shown great interest in our upcoming Generation of War event. The Angelo State YAL Chapter is finally gaining momentum on campus!

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