This fall YAL groups are going to have an exciting new grassroots organizing tool at their disposal:

A project of the Leadership Institute, is a new social network created to recruit and train campus activists at each of America’s 2,446 four-year colleges and universities.  The new site will include:

  • A national networking and resource center
  • Personalized campus group pages (create one for your YAL group to coordinate your activities and recruit new members!) and detailed user profiles
  • More than 50 national conservative organizations offering helpful programs and services
  • Tools to identify, expose, and combat leftist abuses and bias in higher education
  • A regularly updated collection of ideas and tips for campus activism launches to the public on September 15th, but click here to get an invitation for the exclusive soft launch on September 1!

Here’s a preview screenshot (click for a larger image):

Main Page

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