Announcing the 2012 Choose Charity Winners!

This year we set an ambitious goal to have over 50 chapters participate in Choose Charity — an opportunity for our chapters to practice our message of charity in the community.  YAL’s network rose to the challenge, and more than 60 chapters ultimately participated! Here at YAL National, we were blown away by how generous YAL chapters were with their time and resources, especially during finals week.

As with every national activism project, we included incentives for chapters to compete.  For the 2012 Choose Charity Project, we gave the winners the choice where YAL National would donate money to a local charity:

  • First Prize:  $500 donated to the charity of your choice
  • Second Prize:  $250 donated to the charity of your choice
  • Third Prize: $100 donated to the charity of your choice 

Of course, since we can’t be there for each and every activism event on campus, your documentation of your event (blog post, pictures, video) plays a huge role in our ability to determine if your chapter is deserving of a prize. You will never win an activism event without good documentation! Browse all the Choose Charity reports from this year and last year here. Thank you so much to everyone who shared their stories.

So who are the winners of the 2012 Choose Charity Project? Drum roll, please…

1. North Carolina YAL Network


No less than nine North Carolina YAL chapters came together to volunteer at three different charities. Extensive planning and great leadership made this event possible. They mobilized nearly 40 YAL members to dedicate their weekend to helping those in most need.

What separated the North Carolina effort from the pack was the the organization and smooth execution of three separate events in one day. Effectively utilizing an opportunity to organize at last year’s SFL regional conference proved to be key in the documentation, YouTube video and charity selection. Great work guys!  

See their entire report here.

2. Kansas students say “Choose Charity ” in support of Wounded Warriors


The University of Kansas YAL chapter has been a great chapter for several years through effective leadership transition and using YAL resources to execute creative activism ideas. YAL @ KU networking prowess to invite and organize the first fundraiser in the clubs history and they were met with great success and a memorable event.

What gave Kansas’ chapter an edge was the ability to work with other coalitions in the community to give back to our veterans.  They had a packed dinner benefit and raised over $1,000 for a fantastic organization.  

See their entire report here.

3. Harper College

harper logo

The Harper College YAL chapter did a fantastic job in hosting two seasonal charity events that directly engaged in the local homelessness and hunger struggles.  Harper’s first event was held at a church where over 200 people were fed!  That effort was followed up with a Christmas charity event that brightened up the lives of many community families at or below the poverty line.  Several parties and activities were held at a local center where many families were able to enjoy their Christmas together and have fun.

Harper Line food

What separated Harper’s group was the two distinct projects held that had such a large impact on the community.  Careful documentation and a solid array of photography and video allowed us to see step-by step, what was accomplished and the impact it held in the community.

See their entire report here.

Thank you to all of our chapters for participating in Choose Charity this past semester.  Efforts like this show that we “talk the talk” and can prove the value of charity in real life!

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