Announcing the 2012 Constitution Week Winners


Competition is one of the central tenets of our philosophy. As Ludwig von Mises put it, “Competitors aim at excellence and preeminence in accomplishments within a system of mutual cooperation.”

That is why with every YAL national activism project, we include an incentive for chapters to compete. For 2012 Constitution Week, that incentive was:

  • Charles Koch Foundation Free Speech Award – $1,000
  • Charles Koch Foundation Economic Freedom Award – $1,000
  • Most Earned Media – $100
  • Best Overall Documentation – $100
  • Honorable Mentions – $50

Of course, since we can’t be there for each and every activism event on campus, your documentation of your event (blog post, pictures, video) plays a huge role in our ability to determine if your chapter is deserving of a prize. You will never win an activism event without good documentation!

So who are the winners of the 2012 Constitution Week Contest? Drum roll, please…


CKF Free Speech Award: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill chapter of Young Americans for Liberty went above and beyond with their Constitution Week activities. Monday through Friday, their chapter demonstrated hard work and determination. They organized campus demonstrations, overturned campus free speech codes and even hosted a filming of the Stossel Show.


What truly separated them from the pack was their ability to not only spotlight anti-liberty free speech codes but to overturn them; and to amplify their message through earned media.

See their entire report here!


CKF Economic Freedom Award: Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Tech Young Americans for Liberty are veterans when it comes to pulling off successful National Activism Projects. This time around, they celebrated the Constitution with a full week of themed tabling exercises. They devoted an entire day to the 1st Amendment,  2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment, and Economic Freedom, respectively.


Their Red-Tape Project was well received and they were able to discuss the merits of economic freedom with many of their fellow students.

See their entire report here!


Best Earned Media: University of Texas at Tyler 

The University of Texas-Tyler Young Americans for Liberty chapter put on a display that surprised everyone. Using the activism grant provided by YAL National, Chapter President Adam Kirby donned a red jumpsuit, and was led across campus in handcuffs with a black bag over his head. Kirby was led around campus while leashed, with an NDAA placard, followed by the sections of the legislation which apparently subject Americans to detention or assassination. They used this exciting concept to educate students about the NDAA and the power the Constitution can have, if upheld. Thanks to coverage from their local CBS 19 affiliate and student newspaper, their message was able to reach a much larger audience.

See their entire report here!
 IU logo

Best Overall Documentation: Indiana University 

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Indiana University – Bloomington set an ambitious schedule of events for Constitution Week. They had five themed events in five days and managed to execute them effectively and provided documentation that was second to none. Effectively executing their free speech wall resulted in four days of a wall event, tabling event and hosting The FIRE’s Associate Director or Legal and Public Advocacy, Azhar Majeed.  

Indiana’s chapter provided great pictures showcasing all their tabling and recruitment efforts. Most notably in the report was a video showcasing the setup, events, student participation, and sign-ups. Highlighting that it is possible to work with the university to get around tabling restrictions was key. Overall a great report that has set the bar for this year!

See their entire report here!

Honorable Mentions

Central Arkansas University: 

The Central Arkansas YAL Chapter participated in our Constitution week and showcased their games, economic event and custom YAL T-shirts. See their report here!

Indiana Univeristy-Purdue University @ Indianapolis:

The IUPUI YAL Chapter put together a very successful Free Speech wall event. See their report here!

Mesa Community: 

Mesa Community College YAL Chapter pioneered a creative new way to execute a free speech and economic liberty (with Bernanke Bucks!). See their report here!

University of North Carolina – Charlotte: 

Our YAL chapter at UNC-Charlotte provided documentation with a fantastic turnout to events and a funeral for the Constitution. See their report here!

University of Texas-El Paso: 

The YAL chapter at UTEP has several great educational events and capped off a great initiative with a trip to the shooting range to celebrate the Second AmendmentSee their report here!

Congratulations to our four winners, five honorable mentions, and to everyone who made a submission for this contest!

Make sure you apply for the Choose Charity project, our next national event, and get a free custom YAL banner.

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