Announcing the April All-Out Activism Contest Winners!


Competition is one of the central tenets of our philosophy.  As Ludwig von Mises put it, “Competitors aim at excellence and preeminence in accomplishments within a system of mutual cooperation.”

That is why with every YAL national activism project, we include an incentive for chapters to compete.  For April All-Out Activism, that incentive was:

  • First Prize:  $500
  • Second Prize:  $350
  • Third Prize: $200

Here are the criteria that we consider when selecting winners:

  • Most new recruits to join your chapter and the national organization
  • Best recruitment table/display 
  • Best informational or first meeting
  • Most creative and effective ways to get out information

Of course, since we can’t be there for each and every activism event on campus, your documentation of your event (blog post, pictures, video) plays a huge role in our ability to determine if your chapter is deserving of a prize.  You will never win an activism event without good documentation!

So who are the winners of the April All-Out Activism Contest?  Drum roll, please…


1st Place: Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

The IUPUI chapter of Young Americans for Liberty went above and beyond with their “Week of Liberty.”   Monday through Friday, their chapter demonstrated hard work and determination.  They held multiple events over the course of the week:  Occupy the Honor Roll, Visualize the Debt, reYALity Check:  The Price Is Wrong for Big Government, and even squeezed in a “Know your Rights” screening.  From collecting hundreds of sign-ups to drawing a crowd of over 50 students for a “Pass the Mic” event, the IUPUI Chapter knocked it out of the park with their April All-Out Activism.

What truly separated them from the pack was their excellent documentation.  They took lots of high quality pictures and produced a very inspirational video of their “Occupy the Honor Roll” activism.

See their entire report here!



2nd Place:  University of South Florida

The USF Young Americans for Liberty are veterans when it comes to pulling off successful Visualize the Debt events.  This time around, they did it even bigger with a 70-foot debt clock.  In spite of the less than desirable weather, they tabled for three days, inoculated a whole new market of young people with the ideas of liberty and collected over 100 new sign-ups.  They wrapped up the week with a screening of “The American Dream” and a general information meeting.  In addition to an awesome video and lots of great pictures they also earned local media coverage from Fox 13 Tampa.

See their entire report here!



3rd Place: University of California-San Diego

The UCSD Young Americans for Liberty chapter showed off their creative side by executing a great reYALity Check on their campus.  Using the activism grant provided by YAL National, they constructed a unique game show set and engaged hundreds of curious students.  They used this exciting concept to educate students about a wide variety of issues ranging from free market economics to the National Defense Authorization Act.  Thanks to coverage from their local ABC 10 affiliate, their message was able to reach a much larger audience.

See their entire report here!


Honorable Mentions

Arkansas State University: 

The ASU YAL Chapter participated in their first National Activism Project and pulled off a terrific reYALity Check.  See their report here!

Mississippi College:

The Mississippi College YAL Chapter put together a very successful Visualize the Debt.  See their report here!

California State University-Fullerton: 

CSU at Fullerton YAL Chapter pioneered a creative new way to build their giant debt clock.  See their report here!

Congratulations to our three winners and to everyone who made a submission for this contest!

Make sure you apply for the 2012 YAL National Convention for your opportunity to receive first class training and maximize your effect as a liberty activist.

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