Announcing the Spring 2012 Recruitment Drive Winners


Competition is one of the central tenets of our philosophy:

Competitors aim at exellence and preeminence in accomplishments within a system of mutual cooperation. – Ludwig Von Mises

That is why with every YAL national activism project, we include an incentive for chapters to compete.  For the Spring 2012 Recruitment Drive, that incentive was:

  • First Prize:  $500
  • Second Prize:  $350
  • Third Prize: $200

Here is the criteria that we consider when selecting winners:

  • Most new recruits to join your chapter and the national organization
  • Best recruitment table/display 
  • Best Informational or first meeting
  • Most creative and effective ways to get out information

Of course, since we can’t be there for each and every activism event on campus, your documentation of your event (blog post, pictures, video) plays a huge role in our ability to determine if your chapter is deserving of a prize.  You will never win an activism event without good documentation!

So who are the winners of the Spring 2012 Recruitment Drive?  Drum roll, please…


1st Place: Slippery Rock University

With over 800 new sign-ups and a well-documented recruitment push, Slippery Rock University demonstrated how to maximize your impact on campus.  They incorporated a wide variey of outreach techniques and  most impotantly, had fun doing it!

If you are looking for a good example of how to engage in successful campus activism, look no further than our 1st place winners.  

See their entire report here!


2nd Place: Vanderbilt University

The folks at Vanderbilt had a huge success with recruitment this year.  Holding teach-ins on topics ranging from the National Defense Authorization Act to Crony Capitalism, they expanded their appeal to different segments of the student body.  Their ability to host high profile speakers and garner local media attention is key to their continued success.

See their entire report here!


3rd Place: Diablo Valley College 

The newly active YAL chapter at Diablo Valley College tabled and collected over 200 new sign-ups! Their chapter is managing ther campus’ Economic Tutoring Program and providing tutorial services 7 days a week.  I can not think of any better way to connect with students on an individual basis than offering free tutoring!

See their entire report here!

Congratulations to our three winners and to everyone who made a submission for this contest!   Now that you have an idea what type of activism we are looking for, be sure to apply for resources for our March’s national activism project, Government Gone Wild: Spring break with the TSA.

To be considered in this next contest, your entry must be posted on the YAL blog to be eligible. (For blog access email YAL Director of Communications Bonnie Kristian at  All submissions must be made by Friday, March 30, 2012.

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