Anonymous Goes after Orlando

Earlier this month, we reported the story of the Orlando-based organization Food Not Bombs being forced to cease feeding homeless people on city land after some of its members were arrested for violating a city ordinance regarding large gatherings in public parks. As that case makes its way through the court system, the renegade samaritans are now receiving help from an unlikely source: computer hackers who made Orlando their next target.

This week, it has been reported that the mysterious computer hacking troop Anonymous is coming to the aid of the beleaguered group through a web campaign called “Operation Orlando”. The purpose of this mission is to attack “city web assets” as well as Orlando tourism sites on the internet in revenge for the arrests. Also, the group is promoting a boycott of the city of Orlando until the city repents on its treatment of the organization. Calling Orlando city officials “human rights abusers,” as well as deeming the arrest for Food Not Bombs president Keith McHenry a “declaration of war,” the attacks will be aimed at disrupting city communications and Internet accounts in an effort to get the men released and let them go on serving free lunches to needy residents. Yesterday they launched their first attack of their “war” by disabling the website for much of the day, and will be continuing their hack attacks until the men are released.  More at

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