Another Bi-Partisan Policy

John Nichols at The Nation has a pithy and pointed article on the defeat of Dennis Kucinich’s bill to end the war in Afghanistan. The article reminds me of something Tom Woods said at the Rally for the Republic: “We have in this country two parties: the stupid party and the evil party. Occasionally, they get together to do something both stupid and evil, and that is called bipartisanship.” Nichols:

The House voted 356-65 to stay the course Bush set in Afghanistan.

Of the 356 members who voted to maintain the occupation, 189 were Democrats and 167 were Republicans.

Equally telling, Nichols notes, was the press’ reaction.

Noting that press gallery was virtually empty, [Congressman Patrick] Kennedy observed: “we’re talking about war and peace, $3 billion, 1,000 lives and no press? No press!”

“(The) press of the United States is not covering the most significant issue of national importance and that’s the laying of lives down in (Afghanistan) for the service of our country,” Kennedy roared. “It’s despicable, the national press corps right now.”

And all the mainstream media outlets still say no one can reach agreement in Washington.

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