Another Blatant Lie

In 2006, Senator Obama  voted against the 2006 Military Commissions Act.  Last May, he gave a speech, regarded as one of his best national security speeches, where he condemned “the flawed commissions of the last seven years” and that under him the commissions would be “in line with the rule of law.”

Ready for the change offered? The man who will be making key decisions for the Obama Administration in regards to trying remaining Gitmo detainees in military commissions is a former top aide to Donald Rumsfield, William Lietzau. William played a big role in the Bush Administration’s first military commission for terrorists, which were later found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

I guess this guy’s track record is good enough for Obama to believe that the rule of law will be upheld. By the way this William Lietzau has argued that the War on Terror is a special case that is exempt from international law, such as the Geneva Convention.  This is sadly just another example of a blatant lie from the Obama Administration.

Kudos to Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent for breaking this story.

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