Another Constitution Day at CSULA

Cal State LA students all over campus were hit with the United States Constitution (not literally) last Thursday! We went to different patio areas handing them out, inside and outside the University Student Union and other buildings, without blocking anyone’s path, and many other areas across campus on and off the “free speech zone.” Most of the students were happy to receive a copy of the list of their rights, while few were reluctant to grab one. (We all know what they’re planning now!) It led to a few civil discussions about liberty and we were able to find several like-minded people, including professors! I say, we just gotta stay out there and get the word out. There are so many like-minded people who do not speak up or who are not being heard. Stay out there and eventually we can find them and remind them that they do have a voice and they are being heard! On a side note, I offered one of the Constitutions to one particular professor who loves antagonizing us and other similar groups on campus. She did not take one, as I had expected. But she also did not try to stop us. I think that deep down, CSULA believes in free speech. Now we just gotta get rid of those darn speech policies! For Liberty!

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