Another Raw Milk Store Raided by Police

 A store specializing in the sale of unpasteurized dairy products was raided Wednesday in Los Angeles, and the owners are facing charges of criminal conspiracy and operating a buisness without a license, local officials say.

The store, called Rawesome, is a volunteer-run dairy store that sells unpasteurized milk to members of their co-operative, provided they sign a release stating that they know that the milk they are purchasing is raw and less safe that pasteurized milk. This should be considered okay under the premise of voluntary association and purchase of goods, but since the market is unlicensed (due to the difficulty of attaining a license, despite the fact that unpasteurized milk is legal), it was shut down.

Raw milk is indeed more hazardous for you than regular milk, but that shouldn’t mean that anybody that sells it should be shut down, especially if it’s legal under local law. If people willingly consent to buying a product, knowing the risks and hazards of doing so, they should be allowed to without any government agents telling them they can’t. That isn’t protecting the people, it’s just an unnecessary use of force on willing customers of a particular product over bureaucratic malpractices that are redundant and protectionist.

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