Another War?

It appears as though the war in Afghanistan will now be spilling over into Pakistan. This is very disheartening since 59% of Pakistanis consider the US their greatest threat. The supposed justification for this terrible move is to eliminate Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan. As we are seeing right now, it is nearly impossible to eradicate these two groups. They are ingrained in the tribal structure of the region and “eradicating” would mean the genocide of a sizable portion of Afghanistan’s Pashtun tribe. This would only fuel hatred towards the US and serve as a rallying cry for the two groups.  

Pakistan is large enough to take care of itself. The US is now giving them $1.5 billion in aid despite being considered its biggest threat. It would greatly help the US to cut off aid to India and Pakistan (and all other countries, for that matter) in order to eliminate this conflict of interest. More money and more blood are not remedies for this situation. Withdrawal and minding our own business are. 

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