Another Way to Look at Universal Health Care


I hope this isn’t too controversial since it isn’t politically correct for Caucasians to touch the issue of race in this country. Having said that, I’m sure that many of our liberal friends will assume that this piece is intended to call them racist for supporting universal health care. It is not. It is intended to point out the belief I hold that all actions that are mutually consensual are inherently good, while actions that require force are inherently bad.

The institutions of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and universal health care all require the use of force to achieve an end that all parties involved would not consent to, which makes these particular government actions inherently wrong. In particular, these actions force one group of people to serve the wants and desires of another group of people whether the first group likes it or not. I’d prefer a government that protects the rights of individuals to make decisions that are both mutually consensual and do not impose physical costs on third parties (even decisions that I would find to be personally offensive). After all, what could be better than that?

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