Anti-NDAA movement begins in Los Angeles

The LA v. NDAA coalition has been working for months to bring the anti-NDAA movement to the City of Los Angeles, and now have released a petition to demand the City Council to pass a resolution of non-compliance against the “due process”-destroying NDAA 2012.

(For more information about the NDAA, check out this article from Young Americans for Liberty and then head over to sign the petition.)

The coalition is an amazing collaboration of different groups spanning different ideologies from Occupy Los Angeles and the ACLU, to the Republican Liberty Caucus and the Tenth Amendment Center, as well as the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and antiwar organizations like Come Home America and Religious groups include the Islamic Shura Council, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, and many more groups not mentioned here.

Since I am part of Young Americans for Liberty, I want to mention that YAL is also represented, though at the individual level with volunteers being part of the coalition.

This is decidedly an anti-partisan coalition to combat the bipartisan consensus in the rule of law abrogating NDAA 2012.

Los Angeles is a very important city politically in this struggle against the NDAA 2012. If we succeed, the rest of Southern California will follow. Once we win Southern California, the rest of California will most likely follow. Nationally, that means we will have 55 lawmakers in Congress who will have no choice but follow the will of the voters of California.

Please take a time to support our efforts.

Please help us bring this message to the City of Los Angeles to combat NDAA 2012.

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