Anti-War Protest at Michigan State University

On March 21st 2011, the day after the 8th year anniversary of the Iraq War and the interestingly coincidental beginning of U.S. involvement in Libya, the Michigan State University Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty hosted a protest of U.S. foreign interventionism.  We read the names of all those killed in the U.S. invasion of Iraq (over 4,700 soldiers), handed out anti-war and libertarian literature, and collected 225 signatures on a petition opposing U.S. foreign intervention, specifically in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

A collection of interviews with local students.  Warning: some language.

Student reaction held two interesting elements. 

First, many of the students who signed the petition did so while remarking upon the improbablility of anyone in the government caring.  This leads to the possible conclusion that the lack of youth involvement in politics is not necessarily apathy, so much as a feeling of inability to make a difference.

Second, many students who strongly disliked U.S. intervention in Iraq were completely fine with intervention in Libya.  The reasons for this acceptance seem to boil down to a belief in the moral purity of multilateral intervention.  How three countries invading another is any better than one is something we fail to see, but to many students, the U.N. has powers which the U.S. does not.

Here is a link to local media coverage of this event.

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